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For Android

For Android
The micro to USB charging cable comes with a very durable and also flexible moulding. The cable can be long lasting if used appropriately and is compatible with all android phones and tablets which support micro charging ports. the total length of this cable is a standard 1 meter from wall plug the ..
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Brand: maxam
The Maxam type-c charging cable utilizes the latest technology from any of the new android type-c phone supporting super fast type-c charging. this cable is compatible with all type-c plugs up to 20 watts. The charging cable can also be used to transfer   ..
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The note 10 style type- c cable is similar to samsung original cables with build quality and styling. The cable supports up to 20 watt of power using a type-c charging adapter. The cable is built to last with flexible silicone moulding and heat resistance it also has a length of 1 meter. This type-c..
Ex Tax:£9.99
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