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The GM-D1 earphone is built to be a durable compact and portable gaming headset, with great looks and comfort. The Earphone comes with a removable microphone extension and it is designed to be in ear earphones so that noise doesn't escape and outside sounds don't affect your gaming with great noise ..
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The AKZ GM-006 wired gaming headset is made especially for gaming with deep bass and clear sounds for foot steps. The headset is made so that they go flat on your ears to keep the headphone sitting comfortably and help you stay in the action without outside noise distracting you. The headset support..
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The Kisonli webcam is intended for providing video calls or for a video conference and also due to recent events can be used for online teaching. The camera has a resolution of 480p and a maximum framerate of 30fps, the viewing angle is up to 90 degrees and is compatible for all windows operating sy..
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The X31 Gaming headset is an easy to use plug and play comfortable but durable headphone. The headphone is compatible with all older consoles that support a jack input for audio and also mobile devices / tablets. The headset has a foldable microphone built in to be used for game chat. Features:..
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