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Brand: Evo Labs
The Evo Labs Keyboard and mouse set is designed to be an elegant design for home and or office use with its sleek black look. The Keyboard has a United Kingdom style layout also known as QWERTY.Both of the devices use a easy to install plug and play installation using a USB 2.0 connection.Features:S..
Ex Tax:£14.99
Brand: Evo Labs
The Evo labs keyboard comes in a matte black finish which makes it perfectly suited for any office or home environment. The keyboard uses a USB 2.0 connection type which is easy to install just plug and play. The keyboards is a United Kingdom style QWERTY layout and it also has a numeric pad. The de..
Ex Tax:£11.99
Brand: Genius
The Genius brand is a very well know computer accessories brand they made this product to last. This set comes with a wireless keyboard and a wireless optical mouse. The mouse and keyboard uses a Nano receiver usb for connecting to your desktop or laptop which is easy to install just plugin and let ..
Ex Tax:£24.99
Brand: Marvo
The Marvo scorpion 4 in 1 gaming starter set is a great way to make your gaming environment stand out. The set comes with a wired gaming headset, a gaming mouse, mousepad, and a gaming keyboard . The mouse pad has a Marvo scorpion design black and red colour that blends in with the set. The Headset ..
Ex Tax:£34.99
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