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PC Speakers

This Genius speaker is manufactured by one of the most respected and leading companies when it comes to computer and gaming accessories. Like almost everyone you like listening to music while gaming or doing your office work this is the speaker system for you.  Very easy to install just plug an..
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Brand: Genius
Don’t be limited by a mains adapter, Genius releases cute mini speakers, which are portable the SP-U115 which uses power through a usb port from a desktop or notebook which makes them portable as well.  They use 50mm speaker drivers for loud and clear sound performance for a total of 1.5 watts ..
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Brand: Marvo
The Marvo scorpion SG-265 can really finish up the touches on your computer gaming room with its 7 colour RGB light setup and it sounds great too with a 2 channel 6 watt speaker system compatible with any computer or device with Aux jack input capability. The speaker has touch functionality to adjus..
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